Seven Reasons Why Film Photography Sucks!

In this era of digital photography, interest in film photography is at an all time high. While film photography can be loads of fun and is incredibly instructive, there are many reasons why using film for photography sucks. Here are seven reasons why I believe film photography sucks.

Film Swap With The Old Camera Guy!

What Is A Film Swap? It’s my first ever film swap, and I crossed state lines to do it!  The Old Camera Guy and I joined forces to create a series of unorchestrated images by running the same roll of film through our cameras! This was originally planned as “A Tale of Two Cities,” as we each […]

Night Photography with Washi F Film

Shots in The Dark… Photographing with this unique fluorographic black & white film originally used for lung x-rays in Eastern Europe. Washi Film “F” is a special X-ray film used for mass lung disease diagnose. Being coated without anti-halation layer, this unique film offers a high diffusion effect and beautiful grain. I had demonstrated Washi […]

Redscale Photography: It’s a Stranger Thing

A Journey to the Upside Down… Film photography. Trying some “Stranger Things” this Film February, I Redscale a roll of Kodak Portra 160. Redscaling is where the film is reversed, or turned upside down, and exposed on the film base rather than the film emulsion. This gives the resulting images an odd color shift toward […]

International Brownie Camera Days!

Brownie Camera Days 2022! It’s International Brownie Camera Days, 2022! With Fomapan 200 black and white film re-spooled onto a Kodak 620 spool and loaded into the 1952 Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, we head out on an adventure. Discussion about crashing drones, lighthouses, and the 1913 Storm that was the largest single day of deaths on […]

Winter FILM Photography With The Mamiya C220 and Washi F Film

My Favorite Video of 2022 (so far…) A snowy day provided an opportunity to create some images with Washi F Film. This film was originally created as a fluorographic black & white X-ray film. It has a unique rendering with higher contrast, strong grain and a captivating highlight bloom. The Washi F film was developed […]

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY – Mamiya C220 medium format FILM camera and Washi F 120 film

I’ve Got A Ticket To Ride… Riding the Amtrak Blue Water train from Port Huron to Michigan State University in East Lansing to do medium format film street photography. Using Washi F film and Kodak Plus-X Pan 120 film in the Mamiya C220 Professional, I photographed graffiti, statues, people, street scenes, and the classic moving bicycles. […]

DIY Negative Film Scanner! How to use a digital camera to copy negatives

Woodworking AND Photography! Showing and demonstrating my homemade DIY film negative “scanner” for copying negatives. I’ve been copying my film negatives with a plywood box I made to hold the negatives and then using my Fujifilm X-E3 mirrorless camera and Mieke extension tubes to copy. Whilst not as good as a dedicated film scanner, this […]

How to load and unload film into a 35mm camera – Olympus OM-1

A quick video demonstration of how to load and unload film into a 35mm camera – Olympus OM-1.  See the OM-1 in action shooting Kodachrome film Here’s info about using Washi F Film in the Olympus OM-1  And some Experimental Redscale Photography with the OM-1