STREET PHOTOGRAPHY – Mamiya C220 medium format FILM camera and Washi F 120 film

I've Got A Ticket To Ride...

Riding the Amtrak Blue Water train from Port Huron to Michigan State University in East Lansing to do medium format film street photography. Using Washi F film and Kodak Plus-X Pan 120 film in the Mamiya C220 Professional, I photographed graffiti, statues, people, street scenes, and the classic moving bicycles.

This was my first foray into Street Photography for my YouTube channel. This also was the first time I used Washi F Film. This film packaged and distributed by Washi Film Company, the world’s smallest film company! Originally developed for fluorographic X-rays of lung tissue, it has a unique rendering. It’s Orthochromatic in light sensitivity (it can’t see red) and lacks an anti-halation layer so the highlights have a unique bloom. This bloom effect can be seen very well in my Film Noir video

To get around East Lansing and the MSU Campus, I took a Brompton folding bike. The Brompton is considered by Amtrak to be a carry-on, so there was no additional fee for taking a bicycle on the train.   Thanks, Gary for letting me borrow your Brompton!

A true bonus on this trip, I was able to meet my son, Brennan for dinner. He lives in East Lansing and we met after he finished work. The Burgers and beers were great, but not as great as visiting with my son.

Videos mentioned: All negatives were scanned with my home made negative scanner seen in this video: 

For more information about the Mamiya C220 Professional Camera, watch this video: (It’s a pretty long video that is a COMPLETE walkthrough of this wonderful camera.)

How to use the my LightMeter app: 

Special Thanks to these channels for sharing some train footage for B roll: 

Matt Marderosian: 

Railyard Productions: 



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