Winter FILM Photography With The Mamiya C220 and Washi F Film

My Favorite Video of 2022 (so far...)

A snowy day provided an opportunity to create some images with Washi F Film. This film was originally created as a fluorographic black & white X-ray film. It has a unique rendering with higher contrast, strong grain and a captivating highlight bloom. The Washi F film was developed in FPP-110 for 7:30.

This was one of my favorite videos in 2022. My initial vision for this video was different than the video you see. It was originally planned to be much faster paced with a great deal of me talking: explaining Washi F film and its unique look. But my mood that morning, the muffled quiet of the snow, the images I saw in the viewfinder, and what the final images turned out to be, totally changed this video. The thumbnail on my video using Washi F at night (WTF?!?) uses the thumbnail that was originally created for this video. The good news about that, is that I made another video about Washi F film and created the entire Film Noir sequence seen in that video. Can’t let a good thumbnail go to waste! 

In shooting both 120 and 35mm formats, Washi F definitely performs better in the 35mm format. The light blooms from the lack of an anti-halation layer show far better in the smaller 35mm format. Learn more about using Washi F 35mm in THIS POST.

In the video I show me putting on my great Alpine winter boots from Xero Shoes. I recently found Xero and have been enjoying their unique footwear. These boots are very lightweight, extremely warm, and waterproof. I bought a pair for me and for Michelle. Xero makes barefoot style footwear, and these boots follow that model. They have no heel, (zero-rise) and a very wide toe box. I do often suffer from sore feet. Xero Shoes have truly helped my feet to feel better.

Radio stock footage provided by Mário J.R. Matos The radio audio heard in the video was recorded on the day of shooting from the NOAA website. I just held my iPhone near the iMac speakers as the weather report played!

Learn how to use the MyLight Meter Pro app

Washi F Film for street & urban landscape photography: 

To learn almost EVERYTHING about the Mamiya C220, check out my Ultimate Overview and guide (It’s a LONG video!)

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