Redscale Photography: It’s a Stranger Thing

A Journey to the Upside Down…

Film photography. Trying some “Stranger Things” this Film February, I Redscale a roll of Kodak Portra 160. Redscaling is where the film is reversed, or turned upside down, and exposed on the film base rather than the film emulsion. This gives the resulting images an odd color shift toward red and orange. 

I had never tried rescaling film before – and I’m not 100% sure I’ll ever try it again! I believe a similar look could be achieved with color manipulation in Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop, or almost any other photo editing software.

In the attached video, you get to meet my friend Gary who rescued me from the abyss of photography burnout. A few years back he got a Fujifilm X-100F and I fell in love with the Fujifilm series of cameras after that. I’ve owned an X-E2, and X-E2S, and my current X-E3. Their X-Trans sensor captures colors like no other camera.

A few photos were shot later that afternoon, solo. While shooting the Elmcourt Motel sign, the manager came outside to see what I was doing. He was convinced I was a building inspector or government official. I had to repeatedly reassure him I was just taking photos for my enjoyment. Little did he know that I actually AM the Chairman of a local Planning Department board. He was safe, because it’s not in the township where this motel is located.

I used the Olympus OM-1 for this adventure. More info about the OM-1 can be found HERE.

To see an (almost) complete list of my film photography gear, visit THIS PAGE.

Shortly after filming this video, I used the Olympus OM-1 to do night photography with Washi F film. That Washi F video contains a fun Film Noir sequence. 


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